A cast-iron reputation is often the key to success. Indeed, over the years Solid Building Overpelt (SBO) has acquired an excellent reputation in the construction sector. For more than 40 years our independent family business has been excelling in the realization of industrial buildings and several other kinds of steel constructions.

A leading construction company in Europe
The success story of Solid Building Overpelt (SBO) starts in 1978. Not only does Tony Rutten feel at home in steel construction, he also feels compelled to follow an unstoppable entrepreneurial drive. And so he takes over a firm that is seasoned when it comes to … mining structures! His company takes off to a flying start and after two years already Staal Bouw Overpelt (SBO), has secured a solid place on the European map of steel construction companies. The relentless attention to sustainable quality and solid service creates a snowball effect. Because soon the operating radius of SBO expands to Germany, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to France, England and Poland. And the rest of the world beckons …

From father to son
In 2011 Tony Rutten’s son Kris takes the helm. SBO gets ist current name: Solid Building Overpelt (SBO). And the young managing director resolutely focuses on the most diverse branches of industrial construction, both at home and abroad.

Specializations and strengths
Today Solid Building Overpelt (SBO) is specialized in the construction of industrial buildings as well as of commercial and office premises. With its specific steel structures for amusement parks and for the entertainment sector as well as for bridges and railings, Solid Building Overpelt (SBO) makes the difference because it works together with contracting companies that meet the highest quality requirements. Another strength of Solid Building Overpelt (SBO) are the complicated constructions for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Maybe, you are now looking for the common thread in the wide range of services and products that are being offered at SBO. First of all our customers get our full attention to their wishes and expectations. And secondly, as we already stated, we permanently keep an eye on the quality of our products.


Our team of experts is never easily satisfied. And Solid Building Overpelt (SBO) disposes of a great deal of knowledge, expertise and talent. 45 motivated employees manage every project from design to completion.

Experts in their field
Solid Building Overpelt’s own drawing department is responsible for extremely detailed and accurate CAD execution drawings. At the study department dedicated engineers carry out meticulous stability studies for foundations, roofs, walls, etc. Our own production and assembly teams strive for quality work as well. Because our trained craftsmen and our highly trained and certified welding engineers have a passion for their profession.

Single point of contact
What makes us even more unique? Just the way we treat you, the customer. From the first contact, our customers are guided by an enthusiastic project engineer, who takes care of the complete follow-up and coordination of the project. He is the agent who actively thinks along with you. He is your point of contact for everything that concerns the project. And he really is … a jack-of-all-trades: architecture, technology and production, but also regulations, environmental standards and financing, they are by no means foreign to him. With this working method we can also guarantee perfect timing of the construction process.


Only the best is good enough. That’s precisely why Solid Building Overpelt (SBO) has been at the top for years already. At our facility in Pelt, we produce steel construction components of the highest quality. Exactly as you prefer

Extensive machinery
Our 6000 square meter workshop is particularly well equipped. With among other things, a CNC-controlled sawing and drilling line, a CNC-plasma cutting machine and a CNC-angle punching, shearing and drilling machine. But also with high-end arc welding equipment, an automatic shot blasting machine and a painting unit. Ingenious tools to individually protect each component against corrosion and provide it with the desired color in the required paint thickness. Fully in accordance with legal standards and regulations.

Superior quality
As a customer, you reap the benefits of the production and assembly that we have fully controlled. It provides you with ready-to-use steel construction components. Of superior quality!